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Hold down for about three seconds on an app and they will shake. Click the red X and it will delete. You can't do this on apps that came with the iPod.


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Q: How do you delete apps from an ipod touch?
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If you jailbreak a ipod touch will it delete your apps?

yes it deletes everything on your ipod do not do it

Does upgrading ipod touch software delete apps?


When I delete apps on my iPod touch they don't have the little x on them?


Does restoring your iPod touch delete your apps?

Yes, but you can sync them back

Are apps temporary?

Apps can be removed at any time, but all apps that are on the iPod Touch will remain there unless you delete them.

Can you delete the photo app on ipod touch?

you cant delete any of the factory installed apps

Why does your iPod delete certain apps?

Your iPod will not delete apps on its own. You must delete the apps yourself.

How do you delete apps off your ipod touch?

you have to hold it for a while then they shake and they have an x on it 4 delete and press it

Do the apps on your ipod touch ever go away?

The apps on your iPod Touch do not go away on their own. You must manually delete the apps for them to go away. Simply hold an app until all of the apps begin to shake, and then press the x on the top left hand corner of any app to delete it from your iPod.

How do you delete apps that won't download on an iPod touch?

you might want to reset your ipod to do that or hook it up to your computer

How do you put iPod Nano touch apps on your iPod?

Sorry to say, but you can't put apps on iPod nano's. Apps are only for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. But look on the bright side, its touch screen and you can put tons of music on it!

How do you get your game back if you delete it on your ipod touch?

You hook your Ipod touch back into your computer. Get it to sync all of your apps back on. This may take a while