How do you create a smartphone app?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Hi. I have an idea for a smartphone app (probably for Android from the beginning). I know how it's going to look like, what's going to be it's main job and other things, just like when an average person looks at simple, already finished app. I just need to know where to begin, with actually building it. Is there for example a bulider, that would work like Photoshop and I would just add functions to buttons I create or something like that? Or is there any really good and simple tutorial for this? The thing is that I'm an amateur designer and it would be perferct for me, if there is any way of creating an app, that is similar to creating a web design or something like that. Also, if there is any simple way how to make the design of the app responsive to the screen resolution, that would be nice :D And of course, cheaper the solution is gonna be, more likely it is for me to actually create the app.

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Q: How do you create a smartphone app?
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