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online phone

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Q: What is a smartphone App.?
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Does an iphone app work on a non-smartphone?


How do you get apps on your smartphone?

go to the app store

How can one contact a British gas engineer using one's smartphone?

You can contact a British gas engineer by using your smartphone by downloading the app called The British Gas App. This app helps when you need to contact a British gas engineer.

How much detail is tracked in a smartphone app workout planner?

The detail tracked in a smartphone app workout is not something which you can measure. You may have strong app, in this case a lot of the work being done automatically. However, if you don't know how to install and operate the app, that would be useless too.

How do you make a vine account?

Download the Vine app on your smartphone and create it in it.

How do you get a twitter app?

You can download it on your phone on Play Store for Android/Smartphone users or on App Store for Apple users.

Which should I purchase, a running watch with gps or an app for my smart phone?

I think that getting an app for your smartphone is easier. I may be cheaper with your smartphone too. You can multi-task while running and carry less objects with you.

Does answers have an app for phone?

Yes, ÒAnswersÓ does have an app for mobile phones. At the moment the Smartphone users on the Android platform can install the app on their phones. To download the app just visit the Play Store.

Does a smartphone have drawing capability?

If you mean something like a doodling drawing app, then yes.

What does the smart start app do?

Smartstart app is a smartphone application that allows the use of GPS-based maps and guidance system. The app can work both on GPS signal or Bluetooth.

Is there a WikiAnswers app that can be downloaded on a smartphone?

Currently, there is no WikiAnswers app for any smartphones. Though WikiAnswers does have a mobile site, that is accessable from any smartphones.

How do you find the weight of 1sq.m of 6mm mirror?

Use "Glass Weigh" an android smartphone app!