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You must beat 20 people in a row without losing to face the tower tycoon in place of ur 7th battle.

You might want to equip Pokemon that would know any of the following moves or types vvvvvvv

for milotic u might wanna put it asleep then use a electric or grass attack

for dragonite use ice beam or blizzard

and for rhyperior use earthquake or hydro pump

u might wanna feed ur 3 Pokemon vitamins to help raise their stats

this is the team i used, 1. dragonite outrage Draco meteor ice beam fire blast take out dragonite with ice beam. then he will most likely use milotic so i try to do as much damage as i can to milotic then dragonite will faint most likely. then i would use my electivire (if you don't have one then use a magnezone or any fast grass type) make sure one of them knows thunder for the grass types i would teach one energy ball. then try to take out milotic. once milotic is down he will rhyperior so keep the grass type you used for milotic or the thunder type but make sure the thunder type know a fighting type attack. if the thunder type faints use a water type with good special attack i recommend starmie or milotic and make them use hydro pump or surf or water pulse. if you still have the grass type just use another energy ball. if your grass type fainted in the fight against milotic use starmie with thunder or else you will lose. and finally the team i used was 1. dragonite outrage, Draco meteor, ice beam, fire blast 2. electivire thunderbolt, thunder punch, fire punch, focus blast 3. milotic hydro pump, recover, blizzard, aqua tail. hope you can win too.

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Q: How do you beat tower tycoon in diamond?
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