How do gay guys make out?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The same way that a man and a woman make out.

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Q: How do gay guys make out?
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Do married men like gay guys?

Yes. Gay guys make great friends.

Is looking at naked guys gay?

Looking at naked guys does not make you gay. If however you masturbate and enjoy it sexually and are male then yes you are gay.

Can two gay guys make out?

Yes, that's the general idea of being gay.

Can guys date gay guys?

If they're gay, then sure, why not?

I like being a sissy boy dose that make me gay?

No, you are only gay if you are attracted to other guys.

What if you see a guy dick and you a guy do that make you gay?

well for one you need to use proper English and no it doesn't make you gay. What makes a person gay is that they are born that way. if you have grown up liking guys in a sexual way than more than likely your gay. seeing another guys penis doesn't make you gay!

Is guys that say you guess gay?

No. Only guys who are sexually attracted to other guys are gay.

Are gay guys nicer then straight guys?

Am a straight guy and it depends. I dont bully people. But straight guys do make fun of people. Gay guys might be the same way. But gay guys are almost never mean to a girl.

Can guys have best friend guys and not be gay?

Of course. Some guys are closer to other guys than they are with their girlfriends and are not gay.

Are all the good-looking guys gay?

Not all gay guys are good-looking. Not all good-looking guys are gay. Sorry!

Is it gay for a guy to get a tattoo on his back?

Gay guys, straight guys, and bisexual guys can all get tattoos.

Why do guys have gay foot fetishes?

Most guys do not have gay foot fetishes.