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It was stated to him by the visiting spirit towards the beginning that three spirits would visit him over the night, Ghost of Christmas past, present and future. So after the third, he knew that was all of them :P

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Q: How did Scrooge know that the last spirit had arrived?
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Where do the spirit and scrooge travel to last?

The Grave Yard

Where do the spirit and scrooge visit to last?

The grave Yard

What does Scrooge tell the last spirit he is willing to do?

Scrooge tells the last spirit that he is willing to embrace the spirit's lessons and change his ways. He vows to honor Christmas in his heart and keep it alive all year round.

What was the last image that the spirit made Scrooge see?

The last image that the spirit showed Scrooge was his own grave, with no one to mourn him and only the cold, harsh reality of his death. This vision shook Scrooge to his core and prompted him to make a transformation in his life.

What does Scrooge promise the spirit?

he promises the last spirit that he will change and in doing so keep Christmas in his heart for ever after

Why was Scrooge so afraid of the last Christmas spirit?

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was foretelling what may happen should Scrooge not change his misery ways

What does Scrooge keep looking for during his journey with the last spirit?

He looks for evidence for who seems to have died as many are referring to this. Scrooge of course suspects that it is his death he is witnessing.

What does scrooge promise to do after he has been visited by the last spirit?

To change and keep Christmas in his heart forever more

Who does ignorance and want belong to from the Christmas carol?

Ignorance and Want are two children hidden beneath the robes of the Spirit of Christmas Present. At the very end of the Spirit's visit, Scrooge notices two "claws" protruding from underneath. The Spirit parts his robes to reveal the boy and girl, both of whom are in an awful condition. When Scrooge asks to whom they belong, the Spirit answers, "They are Man's." It is, however, the boy that the Spirit especially warns Scrooge against. Ignorance must be erased, the Spirit seems to say, or he spells doom for the race. When Scrooge asks if there is no refuge or resource for the children, the Spirit turns Scrooge's own words against him. "Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?" These are the last words Scrooge hears from this visitor.

What is the personality of the last spirit in A Christmas Carol?

The first Spirit (The Ghost Of Christmas Past) as foretold by Marley was there to show Scrooge his own past. This brought out many difficult situations that he suffered as a child and young man, most of which made him in to the person he was to to

How did Scrooge know that the spirit had arrived?

The initial spirt of Christmas Past carried a flamed torch which lit up the room. The Ghost of Christmas Present bathed his bedroom in a candesant light which came beneath the door of his room. The last Ghost was in his room as he opened his eyes having just heard the ghost of Christmas Present say "Are there no prisens are there no work houses". Noww the Ghost of Christmas Yet to come, a shrouded fugure stood silent before scrooge

What changes in Scrooge are evident in the way Scrooge addresses the last spirit?

In the way Scrooge addresses the last spirit, he shows humility, openness, and a willingness to change. He no longer displays arrogance or defiance, but instead asks for guidance and is eager to learn from the spirit's lessons. This shift in attitude reflects Scrooge's transformation from a miserly, selfish individual to someone who is ready to embrace compassion and generosity.