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Q: How did Britain have a large role in the slave trade?
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Who had the most important role in the abolishment of the slave trade in Britain?

William Wilberforce among many other people.

Why did Europe not play a large role in the African slave trade before the 1400s?

Peasants provided European leaders with enough labor.

What role did music have in the slave trade?

it cheered them up when working

What country played a lead role in the slave trade?


Why did the french play a limited role in the Atlantic slave trade to north America?

French colonists rarely established large plantations in North America

What role did Africa play in the slave trade industry?

They provided the slaves...

Who is the chief justice of Britain that made the slave trade illegal?

Lord Mansfield, the Chief Justice of Britain, did not make the slave trade illegal, but his judgment in the 1772 Somerset v Stewart case played a significant role in advancing the abolitionist cause by effectively ending slavery in England. His decision ruled that slavery was unsupported by law in England and Wales, implicitly leading to limitations on the practice.

What were the early slaves captured by the Portuguese used for?

Portugal, which played an important role in both the beginning of the Atlantic Slave Trade as well as the Asian Slave Trade, always used slaves for economic reasons. They originally used slaves as a medium of trade.

What was Britain's role in the French Revolution?

to have large balls

What was Britain's role in french revolution?

to have large balls

What role did European traders play in the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

A lot of them bought trade items to be taken to Africa, to be used in trade for slaves.

What role did Europeans play in the expansion of the Atlantic slave trade?

we shall over come