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we shall over come

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Q: What role did Europeans play in the expansion of the Atlantic slave trade?
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What rold did europeans play in the tans Atlantic slave trade?


Why did europeans participate in the slave trade'?

because when the atlantic slave trade was around anerica needed slaves to help with work

How did the Atlantic slave trade shape lives and economies of africans and europeans?

slave are transported to the amercian and sold for colonial goods.

What did the Atlantic slave trade trade?

slaves hence the name Atlantic SLAVE trade

What helped to increase the slave trade in Africa during the seventh century?

The major growth in the Atlantic slave trade in the seventeenth century was to be driven by the expansion of New World exports to Europe.

Was the Atlantic Slave Trade the first kind of slave trade occurring in Africa?

No. Slavery and the slave trade had been going on in Africa for centuries before the Atlantic Slave trade came into being.

What country dominated the slave trade?

Britain dominated the Atlantic slave trade.

The slave-trade cycle initiated by ship owners was known as the?

The slave-trade cycle that was initiated by ship owners was known as The Atlantic Slave Trade. The Atlantic Slave Trade lasted from the 16th century to the 19th century.

Why Europeans join the transatlantic slave trade?

They didn't join, they started the transatlantic slave trade...

How was the east African slave trade in the 1600 different from the Atlantic slave trade'?

The East African slave trade in the 1600 operated within Africa, Europe, and Asia, while the Atlantic slave trade in the 1700s also included in the Americans.

What was the Atlantic crossing in the slave trade known as what?

Slave Passage

What European assumptions about africans does the Atlantic slave trade show?

one assumption is that Europeans needed their labor to grow their economy and empire in North America