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that's a lie, it doesn't hurt when the needle goes thru, does sting when the jewellery goes thru tho, just in a toe curling manner. It's not the most comfortable set of piercings to have tho, I took mine out after a few months cos certain types of sex it isn't suited to - ignore the first answer :)

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Does it hurt when u first get ur Jacob ladder pierced. How long does it to heal n be sore until ur used to it

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Q: How bad does a Jacobs ladder piercing hurt?
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Does the jacob's ladder piercing hurt?

it hurts somehat, the initial piercing may have a slight sting, but afterwords it feels numb for a few hours and then it may sting bad for a week

When did going under a ladder become bad luck?

although going under a ladder isn't bad luck, probally someone who was walking under a ladder probally got hurt or killed walking under a ladder when something fell on him from a worker on the ladder

How bad does an anti tragus piercing hurt?

Pain is subjective. It varies from person to person, but personally, it hurt a decent amount. Not as bad as my tragus, but still. Pretty bad.

Does it hurt to get a novel belly piercing?

not too bad! it is a weird feeling but it is over fast.

How bad does a madusa piercing hurt?

just a little bit, kinda between a shot of novicain and an ear piercing. An experienced piercer will make sure the piercing is quick and as painless as possible.

Does getting your Monroe pierced hurt?

Not really. On a scale from one to ten, it's around a two or three. The piercing itself doesn't hurt bad at all but for the first five minutes after the piercing, its a little sore.

What can happen from an infected tongue piercing?

It could hurt you really bad and kill you in worst case scenario.

Does a lip piercing hurt?

It all depends on your pain tolerance. I don't think it hurt too bad because I pierced mine 4 times myself.

How much does it hurt to get a second ear piercing on the lobe?

Same as getting the first lobe piercing done. It varies from person to person but generally, lobes aren't too bad :)

Does it hurt to get your cartilage pierced with a needle?

No it doesn't hurt, it's more a warm sensation depending on what type of cartilage piercing you are going for. Be sure to find an experienced professional body piercer for all your piercing needs and you won't have a bad experience.

How bad does a lip pireceing hurt compored to a nose piereceing?

*PIERCING* There isn't a way to determine that. It's different for everyone

How bad does a tragus piercing hurt?

Not Badly at all. I got mine done yesterday and it was almost completley painless. It hut much less then my triple cartilage piercing or my double lobe.