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Will t5 slimming pills effect my pill

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Q: Does t5 slimming pills effect the contraception pill?
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Will you be pregnant after missing the first 3 pills in the pack?

Yes it is possible.The contraception pill will only work if you take the pills as you are meant to. If you miss a pill you must use another form of contraception for 7 days before again relying on the pills.

Do slimming pills affect the birth control pill?

If you have sex you can get pregnant, BCP help prevent pregnancy. Diet pills don't matter.

Can slimming pills give you a false positive pregnancy test?

Ummm I can't see how it would honestly if it had hcg in it yeah maybe but I highly highly doubt a slimming pill would!!

What are the side effect of daphne pill?

side effect of daphne pills

Is the pill an effective method of contraception?

Oral contraceptives (birth control pills) are 99.9% effective when taken correctly.

Does t5 affect the contraception pill?

No there is no correlation to T5 and oral BCP. But it does effect your thyroid.

What is a slimming pill?

A slimming pill is a medicine that may helps for weight loss. Slimming pills aim to help overweight people to curb their hunger and therefore lose weight. They are invariably pharmacological substances, though herbal and other natural alternatives exist, too.There are many websites where you can get the necessary information on slimming pills.

How can you find out about the pill?

Look at the related link I added. It's to Planned parenthood who has info about contraception, incl different pills.

Does the pills can help to get rid of the baby?

What pills are you talking about? Emergency contraception, like the Morning after pill will not abort and neither will the birth control pill. Medication for abortion is Mifepristone and Misoprostol. They are on prescription and given to you directly by the doctor when you visit him.

How much of a gap do you leave with the pill?

With the 21 day pill, you leave a gap of 7 days. As long as you have been taking your pills as directed, you do not need additional contraception for the non pill-taking days.

Is there an over the counter birth control pill?

In the US, there is not. However, emergency contraception pills are available over the counter for patients 17 and older.

3 methods of contraception?

condom the pill the morning after pill

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