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I don't think so. I did not experience having a spotting in my two pregnancy period. If that happens to a pregnant woman she better consult her doctor.

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Q: Does spotting happen to every pregnant woman?
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What does it mean if you don't get your period but your spotting?

Spotting usually happens when a woman was pregnant, and lost the baby/had a miscarriage early in the pregnancy.

Does every pregnant woman gain weight?

Every pregnant woman should gain the weight.

How early does the nipples darken if you are pregnant?

There is no time; it doesn't happen to every woman, just like not every women gets stretch marks.

Does a woman look beautiful when pregnant?

Every woman is supposed to feel beautiful when pregnant!

When a lady is spotting for months what do that mean?

Either a woman is suffering from irregularity, she has an infection or some other disease, or she is pregnant.

What are symptoms for fertilisation in a woman?

I was diagnosed with an unfertilized egg implantation and I had the same symptoms as you get when you're pregnant. Only difference is I began spotting, then had what seemed to be my period and then kept spotting (the whole process of bleeding/spotting went on for almost a month).

Can a woman still have a period if she is pregnant something like spotting?

Yes, it's possible. A doctor should be seen in that case.

Does the vein on your stomach get darker when pregnant?

Not for every woman but it is common.

What will happen if a woman uses the pill when she's not pregnant?

If by "the pill" you mean birth control, it can prevent pregnancy from occurring if it is taken every single day at the same time.

Bright red spotting at 11 weeks of pregnancy?

Call your doctor immedeatley they should be able to fit you in or go to the hospital. I had bright red spotting aroun 11 weeks that became heavier and when I went to the doctors I was told I was miscarrying. Every woman is different obviously but when you are pregnant there is no need to leave anything to chance! Good Luck!

Is spotting a constant thing for a couple of days or does it happen randomly a few times a day?

Menstrual spotting can occur randomly or for several days straight; it depends on the woman, her cycle, her hormones, etc. However, you should always get checked for spotting during pregnancy.

Can a woman get pregnant during menstruation cycle?

a woman can get pregnant at ANY time. yes she can during her menstrual cycle. it is less likely - but does happen! wrap up and protect!