Does smoking marijuana damage the eyes?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No, in fact it makes your eye sight better. 24 hours after smoking marijuana, the two main streams in your cerebral cortex - the visual dorsal stream and the ventral stream create more the photoreceptive cells.

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no it's not. when you smoke it, get some eyedrops and put them in your eyes. it'll help the color && help with you sleepiness. (; mhmm!!

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Q: Does smoking marijuana damage the eyes?
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How can you get rid of red eyes after smoking marijuana?

By not smoking it

What damage can be caused be smoking marijuana?

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What damage can be caused by smoking marijuana?

why are you asking?

Does smoking marijuana once in a while damage lungs?


Are there health risks from smoking marijuana?

yes you will die .... or get brain damage

How does smoking marijuana affect your body?

The marijuana makes you high, and it makes you feel happy. It also makes your eyes red.

Why some people get squinty eyes after smoking marijuana?

Because THC makes your eyes more sensitive to light.

Can you get your braincells back after smoking marijuana for a long period of time?

Technically no, because marijuana does not damage brains in the first place.

What should you do for your eyes not to change after smoking marijuana?

Try to smoke a bit more until your eyes close, then no one will notice :D

Why do a persons eyes become after smoking marijuana?

the THC in marijuana increases your heart rate, increasing the blood flow to your eyes thus making your eyes red and blood shot. it also gives your eye color more depth.

What is the percentage of someone dying from smoking marijuana?

You cannot die from smoking marijuana.

Does smoking Marijuana deplete Vitamin D in the body?

Smoking marijuana is awesome