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YEs he does it is kind of like a sun on the back of his neck

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Q: Does imran Khan have a tattoo?
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Is imran khan sunni?

imran khan is a sunni

Is imran Khan engaged to avantika?

yes imran khan is engaged with avantika malik

What jobs did imran Khan have?

Imran Khan of Bollywood is an actor. He is a young actor right now. He is the nephew of the famous Aamir Khan.

What are the total acids of Imran Khan?

how is imran khan bamk balance

Is imran Khan singer a Indian?

Imran Khan is a dutch born Pakistani singer. He is from the Punjab in Pakistan from gujranwala.

What is Imran Khan's birthday?

Imran Khan was born on November 25, 1952.

Who is more fameser Imran Khan or jazzy b?

imran khan is the best

When was Imran Khan born?

Imran Khan was born on November 25, 1952.

Is imran Khan engaged?

If you are asking about the Indian actor, Imran Khan, then he is engaged.

Who is maternal uncle of Imran Khan?

Aamir Khan is the maternal uncle of Imran Khan. Imran is a start-up in the Bollywood Industry. Aamir Khan however is much senior to him.

What is the cast of imran khan?

The surname of Imran is Khan. He is a Muslim by cast. Aamir khan, the giant of Bollywood is his uncle.Khan.

What is Jemima Goldsmith's religion?

She converted to Islam when married to Imran Khan.