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He was father of former cricketer and politician Imran khan.

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Q: Who was Ikramullah Khan Niazi?
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When did Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi die?

Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi died in 2001.

When was Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi born?

Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi was born in 1915.

When was Inayat Ollah Khan Niazi born?

Inayat Ollah Khan Niazi was born in 1940.

When was Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi born?

Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi was born in 1915.

What is the birth name of Attaulah Niazi?

Attaulah Niazi's birth name is Attaullah Khan Niazi.

When was Ali Haider Noor Khan Niazi born?

Ali Haider Noor Khan Niazi was born in 1978.

When did Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi die?

Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi died on 2004-02-02.

History of baitul hikmat?

Nadir Khan Niazi

What has the author Liaquat Ali Khan Niazi written?

Liaquat Ali Khan Niazi has written: 'Islamic law of tort' -- subject(s): Torts (Islamic law)

What is the age of imran khan niazi cricketer favorite color and politician?

age of imran khan in 60

What did begum shaista ikramullah did?

what did shaista ikramullah did for pakistan

When was Ikramullah Sheikh born?

Ikramullah Sheikh was born in 1980.