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he is the nephew of aamir khan

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Q: What is the relation between singer imran Khan and boxer amir Khan?
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Is imran Khan singer a Indian?

Imran Khan is a dutch born Pakistani singer. He is from the Punjab in Pakistan from gujranwala.

When was Imran Khan singer born?

Imran Khan (singer) was born on May 28, 1984.

Where and when was Imran Khan the singer born?

Imran Khan (singer) was born on May 28, 1984 in The Hague, Holland

Is Imran Khan married?

The singer Imran Khan is not married. He is a Punjabi famous singer. His acting skills are null however.

What is the mother name of Imran khan singer?

imran ap namaz phadte

What is imran khan singer Facebook?

I think this is Imran Khan´s facebook account

How tall is imran khan the singer?

He is tall :)

Where does imran khan singer live?

Imran Khan is a very famous singer. He mainly sings Punjabi songs only. He has his residence in London.

Who is imran Khan married to?

No, the singer is not dead. He is just not releasing many songs. Amplifier is the song that made the singer famous.

Is Imran Khan The Punjabi singer alive?

no he is not alive

Best UK Punjabi singer?

imran khan.

Who is the song amplifier by?

its by an Indian singer imran khan