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oh my gosh no! if anything, it hurts less. just don't freak yourself out. it's really nothing. oh, and you should think about getting your cartilage pierced! i personally think getting mine done hurt less than getting my lobes pierced! good luck! :)

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โˆ™ 2012-07-30 21:32:28
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Q: Does getting your second lobe piercing hurt?
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Do ear piercing for the lobe hurt?

Yes, puncturing the ear lobe hurts, but only for a brief period of time.

Does it hurt when you get your cartliage pierced?

Well it all depends on how you handle pain. I handle pain good so mine didn't hurt. When my Helix is healed i am getting my second ear lobe holes and then after that i am getting my industrial piercing with is a bar across your ear. (cartilage piercing). If it hurts to get your helix done don't get another cartilage piercing don't get an industrial if you ever want it cause it goes through your ear twice so its twice the pain.

What is the difference between the ear lobes and ear cartilage?

Your ear lobe is the dangly bit it the bottom of your ear that you can ben and that. The Cartalage is the rest of your ear above the lobe. I have both pierced so if your looking for piercing advice, the lobe dosent hurt at at all, but the cartalage is quite sore and throbs for like 2 hours after getting it done. Piercing the lobe yourself is easy but your better to get the cartalage done profesionaly.

Does a Auricle piercing hurt?

I got mine done yesterday, and i thought pain wise, it feels the same as a lobe.

Does naval piercings hurt more than ear piercings?

It is a tolerable quick pinch but more irritating then a ear lobe piercing.

What is the most poular piercing?

Lobe piercings.

How old do you have be to get an upper lobe piercing?


How old do you have to be to get a piercing in Florida?

It depends what kind of piercing your getting My nextdoor neighbor is 9 and she has her upper eat and her ear lobe pierced you need your parents there if you are under 18 to get it pierced

Can you repierce a healed lobe piercing?

Usually, yes. Some piercers pierce through scar tissue and others dont. For a lobe piercing, most will though.

Is getting a double lobe piercing in women poular?

It's pretty popular, at least in North America. Having a second earring no longer has a bad girl stigma like it once did. Girls are doing it younger and women are getting them older... It can look classy.

Does it hurt to pierce your belly button?

If you have a professional piercing it then no it will not hurt.Answer: In the hands of a professional body piercer it's a simple and safe procedure, however this is not a ear lobe, there are plenty of things that can happen that you have no control over. So leave body piercing to professionals, this is not a Saturday afternoon hobby and people have been seriously hurt attempting to do there own piercing.

Does it hurt when you get your cartilage pierced?

It really doesn't hurt very bad. But when its pierced you will hear a good "pop" or "crunch" sound (which most piercing junkies like myself think is funny) My advice though is to make sure to have it pierced in a tattoo or piercing parlor which uses one use sterilized needles NOT a piercing gun. It will hurt less and heal much, much better. What most shops that use piercing guns probably wont tell you is that the gun is actually not intended for any piercing other than lower lobe.

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