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Yes they do and some of them will indicate if you smoked up to two months ago!

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Q: Does every urine test screen for marijuana?
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Do they send a saliva test for marijuana to the lab?

No, they don't do a saliva test for marijuana, they do a urine test.

How do you test for marijuana?

blood or urine.

Will a drug screen show the presence of marijuana?

It will show the presence of cannabinoids, the metabolites of marijuana. But it will show this only if this particular test is part of the screen. Screens can be for one or more substances; they don't all automatically test for every possible substance.

Can cranberry juice effect a urine test for Oxycontin vicodin valieum?

no but it can effect a urine test for marijuana

Is marijuana detectable through a urine test?


What does ma stand for in a urine drug test?


Can pennicilin help pass marijuana urine test?


Will a laboratory test for Down syndrome pick up marijuana in your system?

If the test for this syndrome is a blood test then, maybe. A blood test will detect marijuana. A urine test will also detect marijuana.

Can you chew marijuana and not test positive for urine test?

No. If you put it in your body, it will be in your body.

What should i do to test positive on a urine test for consuming marijuana?

smoke pot

Will ecstasy show up in a marijuana urine test?

no if it's just a marijuana test than it will be testing for THC mdma

Where can you purchase a marijuana urine test kit?

most pharmacies