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THC, the active component of marijuana, is filtered out of the fat in your body after about 30 days. If you smoked marijuana 3 months prior to a drug test, it should be literally impossible for you to fail the urine test. Actually, THC is filtered out after 28 days. Unless you get a Hair Test. Hair tests really mess everything up. Fortunatley the rareley do that.

yeah three months then your completely fine dont worry about it but blood also is bad so yeah urine your fine hair tells every drug you have ever did in your life

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Q: Will a urine test for marijuana show positive 3 months after marijuana usage?
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If you stop smoking marijuana for 5 months will it still show in marijuana blood test?

I tested positive 7 weeks later and got locked up.No usage at all either.

What is the longest period that marijuana will show up in a urine test if you quit after chronic usage?

12 weeks

How long does marijuana stay in your urine after eating it?

Depending on your usage (not the amount but how often you smoke/eat) 2 weeks to 90 days.

Will urine test positive 8 days after usage?

Coke will pass through your system after 24-48 hours

Can blood in your urine give you a positive result in a drug test?

If you have taken something to "flush" your system of drugs in urine, the blood might make the test still show up positive as blood tests give a more accurate report of your usage.

Can daily Strattera usage create a false positive result for methadone on urine dip?

yes i just took one and i had a flase positive for methadone and i have been on a 80mg dose of strattera for a few years

Is there any way to detect drivers under the influence of marijuana and if not could this be a reason why it is still illegal?

The odor of marijuana is extremely potent and permeates the clothes, hair, and skin. The pupils and speech are also dead give-aways. If the officer suspects usage, he can order blood, urine, and hair tests.

Does Kreayshawn do drugs?

Yes, Kreayshawn is very open about her marijuana usage.

Can marijuana stay in your system for a year?

no marijuana stays in your system typically 3-30 days depending on the frequency of usage

What are the positive effect of marijuana?

It relieves stressm it makes you happy, it makes you sleepy (sleep is good), and it makes you hungry (to prevent eating disorders). You can't die from it unless you smoke over 100 pounds in one sitting, which is impossible. It can be used for medical reasons, such as cancer and glaucoma. There have been no deaths from marijuana usage, yet thousands from tobacco usage. The only downside is that it's illegal.

How soon is cocaine detectable in urine?

Cocaine is detectable in urine as soon as 4 hours after first usage

What are some of the potential side effects of marijuana usage?

Marijuana usage has many potential side effects. These side effects include heart disease, a weakened immune system, lung diseases, seizure disorders, and it is not safe to use marijuana while breast feeding or pregnant.