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It hasn't been proven! Once you exhale, the THC would be in the user. There is such thing as feeling the effects of a contact high for some sensitive types.

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Q: Can contact high from marijuana show up on pee test?
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Can a contact marijuana show in a drug test?


Does synthetic marijuana show up in drug test?

Yes. I an guessing you mean Hash or something similar by saying synthetic marijuana. A marijuana drug test is looking for the metabolite of THC. So if the drug has THC in it, which is what gets you high in marijuana, then it will show up in a drug test.

Can you fail a drug test from a marijuana contact buzz?

it depends on how high you got but typically yes. getting high is getting high.

Can synthetic marijuana show up on a drug test?

HAHA no...theres no THC in syntetic marijuana, in a drug test, the tester is looking for THC, which is the chemical that gets you high in marijuana, in the urine.

What will make you test positive for Marijuana?

Smoking and/or eating the marijuana plant, or coming into contact with the drug THC. There have been some who say that a faint line will show on the test if you inhale marijuana smoke second hand.

Will marijuana show on a blood test?


How long does marijuana stay in the urine from a contact high?

I'm assuming you mean "will THC show up on a urine test from a contact high?" (meaning you didn't actually smoke, you were buzzed by "second-smoke") to which the answer is NO. A contact high means you have less than 5% of the THC from the entire sesh in your system.

Will Valium show up as marijuana in a test?


Does marijuana show on nicotine test?


If you touch marijuana will it show on a drug test?


Will marijuana show up in a tb test?


Will eating a marijuana brownie show up in a urine test?

Yes, if you eat a marijuana brownie will show up in your urine test as a positive drug test.

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