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TRUE****ANY faint or dark line is a positive pregnancy test. If your body produced enough HCG to activate the second line in window 1, then CONGRATS ~ It's a baby! :)>>>First answer to this question was a question, so I answered it above - The following is the original answer>>"I have the same question...Iam 15 dpo and took a test just now.Immediatley two horizontal lines went thrueach window, my heart sank a little, but when I looked a little closer at the round window...there is a VERY faint, almost not visible vertical line. I have been pregnant before (my son is now 1) and when I took the EPT test for him, the vertical line was just as dark as the horizontal one. I am so confused." ---Sometimes it just takes longer for theHCG levels to go up and give you the blaringconfirmation line you hope to see.

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Q: Does a very faint vertical line on ept test mean pregnancy?
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What does it mean if instead of a vertical line on an accu-clear pregnancy test there is a faint horizontal one?

I heard that before and they said it is an evaporation line from the urine mixing with the dye.

What does One faint horizontal sign and a vertical line mean on a pregnancy test?

It means your pregnant but your not producing enough hormones for the test to show the results clearly

What does it mean when there is a dark vertical line and a faint horizontal line in the round window on an ept test?

According to most pregnancy tests, a second faint line does indeed mean that you are pregnant. The second line only shows up if the pregnancy hormone is in your urine. So if it is there at all, then you are pregnant. If you take the test early, like before your missed period, this may be why the line is faint. Wait until after your missed period and repeat the test to be completely sure of the accuracy.

What does a faint negative line on a pregnancy test mean?

My positive line on my test was very faint. You probably are pregnant. You might consider retesting.

What does it mean when you have a faint blue line and a dark blue line on a pregnancy test?

It means your pregnant

What does it mean if i took a home cvs brand test and in the square window there is a dark vertical line and the result window had a faint vertical line?

I got the same things :/ what's this mean?

What if one line on the pregnancy test is faint?

Beta hcg level is 5.3 what does mean?"

What is it when there is 1 dark line and 1 faint line on a pregnancy test mean?

It depends on the pregnancy test, but usually it means a positive results. Congrats!

What does one vertical line mean on a pregnancy test?

you're pregnant! congratulations!

What does a faint pink line on a negative pregnancy test mean?

If you see a faint pink line that came up within the time frame for the test than it is not a negative test.

What does it mean if you get a faint line on a pregnancy test?

If it is a faint pink line then it means you are pregnant. If it is a faint grey line then it is what is called an evaporation line and you are not pregnant. If you are unsure wait a couple of days and take another test. You might also try a digital test. There is no mistaking that one!

What does a faint negative line mean on a equate pregnancy test?

If the negative line is faint it could mean that ur pregnant and its just too early to tell or it could mean that it was just that test. Either way i would retest in at least a day or two.