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Beta hcg level is 5.3 what does mean?"

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Q: What if one line on the pregnancy test is faint?
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What if a pregnancy test shows one dark line and one faint line?

You are pregnant

What does it mean if you get a faint line on a pregnancy test?

If it is a faint pink line then it means you are pregnant. If it is a faint grey line then it is what is called an evaporation line and you are not pregnant. If you are unsure wait a couple of days and take another test. You might also try a digital test. There is no mistaking that one!

What does one bold line and one very light line mean on a pregnancy test?

a faint second line is still a second line which means pregnant. take another test and if it is positive go to a doctor

What does a positive ept pregnancy test look like?

it has one faint line and one dark line on the other side.well, mine did and i ended up being pregnant.

You took a pregnancy test the results were one faint blue line and one dark blue line does this mean you are pregnant?

You could be or you could be and are loosing the pregnancy. Wait a week or two and retest to see what it tells you.

What does One faint horizontal sign and a vertical line mean on a pregnancy test?

It means your pregnant but your not producing enough hormones for the test to show the results clearly

If your pregnancy test comes back positive but one line is faint and you havent missed your period could you be pregnant?

Not likely, but another test wouldn't hurt.

What does it mean if instead of a vertical line on an accu-clear pregnancy test there is a faint horizontal one?

I heard that before and they said it is an evaporation line from the urine mixing with the dye.

You took a dollar general store pregnancy test and one line showed up saying negative but then another faint line appeared saying the test was positive what does this mean?

That you need to repeat the test to find something out.

If you have one line blue and the other one can only see in bright light on a pregnancy test?

You are pregnant stupid. A faint line means it is still a little early but the pregnancy hormones are there. Congratulations on growing the stupid people population

You bought a pregnancy test from safe way and one blue line appeared does that mean im pregnant?

one line only is negative.. 2 is positive (doesn't matter if lines are faint)

One blue line on a hospital pregnancy test?

One blue line on a hospital pregnancy test means the test is negative. A negative test or one blue line represents as not pregnant.

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