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Yes. If it is taken care of properly it can heal up to two times faster... I have both my nose and monroe done as well as other piercings.

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Q: Does a Monroe piercing heal faster than a nose piercing?
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Does an ear piercing heal faster than a nose piercing?

Yes, Ears are the fastest healing piercings. The lobe, Will heal fastest. The cartilage will take about a week or two longer.

Does the nose piercing close faster than ear?

This all depends on the persons ability to heal, it will vary from person to person.

Does Ashley Massaro have a nose piercing?

no she doesn't have a nose piercing but i do know that she has snakebites (hoopes) and a monroe piercing on her left upper lip.

Can i remove my nose piercing?

Certainly. With time, the hole created from the piercing will heal over.

Where would you suggest to get your nose pierced?

I think they look best when your nose piercing is on the opposite side of any lip/monroe piercing, (if you have those.) If not, either side will look fine. (:

Will a nose piercing close scar or stay open if you decide you do not want it anymore?

A nose piercing, should you no longer want to have it, will usually heal itself and present a scar afterwards.

How long does it take for a nose piercing heal?

A light heal in two weeks and a full heal in 1 year. You can change the jewellery after 8 weeks yourself.

Will 3 day old nose piercing heal ok with a nose ring from Claire's Stud fell out only had the hoop on hand worried about changing it again since you are to leave it alone for 6-8 weeks?

A three day old nose piercing will heal ok with a nose ring from Claire's even if the stud fell out. The curvature of the ring should make it impossible for skin to grow over the piercing. You should only be concerned about the piercing falling out as the hole will heal if it does. If you do attempt to change the piercing you should disinfect everything that will touch the wound to stop possible infection.

Is it ok to wear a Monroe stud for the nose piercing?

Labret posts usually don't sit well in nose piercings but it wouldn't hurt to try it out!

How long does it take for a nose piercing to heal over after falling out?

eh.. mine closed in likee half hour.

Is that OK to put piercing in the nose after nose job?

no because if you think about it, your new nose will need some time to calm down and heal. I suggest you pierce it in about 3-6 weeks.

Can you wear a nose stud in a monroe piercing?

Yes, labret studs are fine for tragus piercings. I wear them all of the time.