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hell to the no!!!!, Stop smoking for at least 40 days if you plan to pass a drug screening

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hell yes it does use as directed stop smoking two days before the test and drink as much water as possible your clean till u smoke again

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Q: Does Azo standard cleanse the body of THC?
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Does antibiotics cleanse you of THC?

No. Regardless of what you put in your body, THC stays in your body for over 6 months.

How can you cleanse your body to rid THC?

The way to cleanse a body to rid THC is to drink lots of water. Stop smoking the marijuana. One can also take pills that will flush the system clean or mask the drug.

Can heavy exercise help cleanse your body of TCH?

Heavy exercise plus much inktake of liquids and food will cleanse your body of THC through burning THC alkaloids stored in fat cells. I am thinking you are referring to THC(Tetra hydra-canniba). Not TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best plant on this planet, although I do like tomatoes.

Can inner cleanse clean out THC?


What is best quick cleanse for THC?

A detox beverage.

Can you cleanse your body of THC if you are not a heavy smoker on three days?

No. Weed stays in you're system for 26 days. the soonest you can rid THC of you're body is 2 weeks with water. and maybe a week with detox drinks for Marijuana.

Does a toxic cleanse clear you of THC?

don't think so

What to eat to cleanse your bloodstream of nicotine and THC?

Alfalfa and other blood cleansers.

How do you get THC in your body?

You can get THC in your body by consuming marijuana.

How does THC break down in the body?

how does THC break down in the body

Does strip nc cleanse your system for drug test?

NO THC can only be removed over time.

Does alcohol help cleanse marijuana?

No it absolutely does not. No liquids can flush your system because the THC is stored in your fat cells.