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No. Weed stays in you're system for 26 days. the soonest you can rid THC of you're body is 2 weeks with water. and maybe a week with detox drinks for Marijuana.

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Q: Can you cleanse your body of THC if you are not a heavy smoker on three days?
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Can heavy exercise help cleanse your body of TCH?

Heavy exercise plus much inktake of liquids and food will cleanse your body of THC through burning THC alkaloids stored in fat cells. I am thinking you are referring to THC(Tetra hydra-canniba). Not TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best plant on this planet, although I do like tomatoes.

How do I body and colon clense?

The best way to have a body and colon cleanse is to go on a toxin body cleanse diet. A good and popular one would be the liver cleanse diet.

Can a total body cleanse effect your birth control?

can a total body cleanse effect your birth control?

Can antibiotics clean THC out of your body?

Yes I had been a heavy smoker up until the night before a random urinalysis and was taking flagyl. Passed the test!

Is a colon clenase good for the body?

A colon cleanse can be good for an individuals body. This will depend on the person's health and the cleanse used. You should talk with your doctor before trying a cleanse.

What products are available for a colon and body cleanse?

There are many products available for colon and body cleanses. Some examples of these products include Renew Life Organic Total Body Cleanse and Super Colon Cleanse Day & Night.

What does being around a smoker do to your body?

Being around a smoker you may get Breast cancer

Where can I get a full Body Cleanse?

You can get a full Body Cleanse at Just create an account on the website and set up an appointment at the closest location to you.

Does Vinegar cleanse marijuana off your system?

No, thereโ€™s no evidence to suggest that drinking vinegar will help your body to quickly cleanse marijuana from our body.

How do detox cleanse drink work?

A detox drink cleanse contains detoxifying properties that can help cleanse your body and improve your overall well being.

What are the pros and cons of a cleanse diet?

The pros of a cleanse diet is the idea that you are ridding your body of toxins. However, rather than ridding your body of toxins you may very well be harming your body with cleanse diets. There is no current data that suggest cleanse diets promote healthier eating or even healthier living styles.

Does your body cleanse itself through stool?