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Depends on the guy, the hair, and how it looks up and down. Usually, guys don't really care.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-17 19:42:15
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Q: Do guys like women to have their hair up or down?
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Do guys like girls hair in a pony tail or wavy and down?

Guys normally like hair wavy, it doesnt matter much.

Do women like guys with facial hair?

It all depend's in women's taste, but i would go for what you like the best.

Do guys like short hair on women does it make them look classy or business like?

yes it does!

What hairstyles do guys like most on girls?

most guys like your hair down clean, and soft. If the guy can run his fingers through your hair, you did a good job.

What kind of hair do guys like on women?

That totally depends on the guy. Some like short hair, some like long hair. Some like blondes, some like brunettes.

What kind of guys does Victoria Justice like?

She likes the guys that are down to,earth like she is She likes guys with lots of muscles and she likes guys with black hair she likes mexican light skinned guys

Do women like short hair on guys or long?

I myself believe what ever your comfortable in. However prefer short.

Why do guys like blondes?

Only some men like blondes, not all of them. Different men prefer different women and different hair colours. It is down to each individuals personal preference.

Do Italian women have more body hair on them than others?

Depends from your family. But some guys like that

Do guy like girls with short hair or medium length or long hair?

guys are different when it comes to women some guys like girls with long or medium hair either blond or brown or what ever color it just depends on the guy

Why do lesbians wear their hair short?

That's the same thing as asking why some kids dye their hair blonde. They like it like that. Not all gay women like their hair short; just like some guys like their hair long.

Do guys prefer when girls wear their hair down or in a ponytail?

It is all personal preference but percentage wise men like womens hair down 24%

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