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That's the same thing as asking why some kids dye their hair blonde. They like it like that. Not all gay women like their hair short; just like some guys like their hair long.

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Q: Why do lesbians wear their hair short?
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Why do lesbians have short hair?

Some lesbians have short hair because they want to have a more masculine appearance, and / or are rebelling against ideas of traditional feminine beauty standards. Some lesbians have short hair for the reasons many other people have short hair, such as convenience and / or they think it suits them. And finally lots of lesbians don't even have short hair, and prefer to keep it long.

Why is short hair associated with being lesbian?

Yes, stereotypically, lesbians are thought of as being more masculine and short hair is associated with short hair.

Do lesbians wear anything to show that they are lesbians?

No, they do not.

Do lesbians wear anything to show they are lesbians?

Yes. Lesbians wear t-shirts that say "I'm A Lesbian" to show that they are lesbians. All the time. If a woman is not wearing this shirt, she's not a lesbian.

How should you wear your hair if you have short hair?

bowl shaped Depends on how short you think short is... I personally call most people's idea of short "mid-length". Mine's about 2" at the longest, and I wear my hair purple and spikey :D - Elaine

Do lesbians wear bras?


Did Amelia Earhart wear her hair in a bun?

In her later years her hair was always short.

What colors go with short brown hair if your getting your hair colored?

i wear all colors and i have short brown hair.. i look good in blue.

Do lesbians have hair around the belly?

body hair has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Some lesbians have belly hair and some do not. Just as some straight women have belly hair and some do not.

Does Lea Michele wear hair extension?

yes. Naturally she has very short, curly hair.

What length of hair is needed for short hair styles?

Short hair styles are usually considered as a cut above the nap of the neck. In order to have a short hair style, one must either cut ones hair or wear a wig.

Can girls with short hair wear flat caps?

No. it is highly illegal.

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