Do guys like smooth legs

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Most guys in the US seem to, but ultimately you will have to ask your partner.

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Q: Do guys like smooth legs
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Why girls legs are sexeir then boys?

Guys are attracted to the legs more than likely because it is the part of the body that attaches to the butt. They are curvey and usually smooth. Girls wear shorter shorts and reveal more so guys are more accustomed to seeing legs than girls who at most see guys legs up to the knee. Not to mention they do not shave their legs.

Do guys like longer or shorter legs for girls?

I'm a guy and I do not have a preference to longer or shorter legs because I like them medium length. But if you need a preference I would say most guys like longer legs.

Do girls like guys with skenny legs?

Some do

Is it nice to have a hairy legs?

no, guys like to put there hands on your legs so, shave~!

Why do guys make fun of my legs and girls think i have good looking legs to be a guy?

If guys make fun of your good looking legs they are probably jealous that the girls like them.

Why do guys make fun of my legs-?

A guy may make fun of another persons legs because they like them.

How do you make your legs smooth?

You can shave them, and you can put moisturising lotion on them like Curel.

Why do guys legs shake when they look at girls they like?

because they get nevous

Do girls like it when guys shave their legs?

Some do, most don't.

Why Guys make Fun of other Guys legs?

Guys may make fun of another guys legs because they are jealous.

Is the underside of the starfish smooth?

The underside of a starfish has many sucker like legs that the starfish uses to walk over the ocean floor - it is not smooth.

Do 13 year old guys like girls with long legs?

Most do