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they are equal. both girls and boys like to have sex.

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Q: Do girls like sex as much as boys?
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What do boys like?

girls and sex

Why girls to sex boys?

because they like it

Do girls like sex as much as guys?

Yes. And more their SEX appeal is 6 times higher than boys. So you can say girls wants to have sex much more than boys do.... but guys think about having sex more than a girl

Why do girls in Hardy Boys like abs so much?

The girls in The Hardy Boys are in their later teens and it is normal for them to be attracted to features of opposite sex like abs, etc.

Y girls like sex?

same reason boys like it..

Are girls interested in sex as much as boys?

They better be! ;D

Why do boys think lesbians are hot?

Boys like girls. Boys also like sex. Girls and sex in combination with each other are therefore extremely well-liked by boys. However, boys do not like other boys; lesbians solve this problem by not involving boys in their activities.

Who is for schools with only boys or girls?

Not me or there'd be like no underage sex!!

What are the sex hormones for boys and girls?

Testosterone- boys estrogen- girls

Does teenager boys like sexing girls?

they sure do! some get drunk and look for girls to sex with but sexing is fun i sex with my bf !

Do girls also think about sex all time like boys?

most girls do only boring girls dont

Are you a bysexual if you like girls and boys?

Bisexual means you like your own sex and the opposite sex So if you are a girl but you like girls and boys you are bisexual If you are a boy and like boys and girls you are also bisexual If you are a boy and like boy's then you are gay If you are a girl and like girls you are a Lesbian if you are a girl and like a boy then you are straight if you are a boy and like a girl you are straight too. If you are a girl and like boys and girls and cross dress (dress as a boy) you are Transexual If you are a boy and like boys and girls and if you also cross dress (dress as a girl) then you are Transexual

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