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guys want to have sex with them and have baby's DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Q: What do girls mean to guys?
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Why are girls so mean to skinny guys?

i think that is a matter of opinion. Not all girls are mean to skinny guys. Actually, most girls aren't

Why do guys like girls that are mean to them?

Answer Maybe they find mean girls to be a challenge for them.

Why some guys are mean to girls but when girls do the same they say it's wrong?

It's wrong for both sides, guys or girls.

Do guys like mean girls or the nice girls?

Differs from guy to guy, however, most guys like nice girls.

Who are some actresses that are only male?

I am not sure what you mean but actresses are girls and actors are guys. I am not sure what you mean but actresses are girls and actors are guys.

What kind of girls does most guys like?

Most of guys likes beautiful girls but this doesn't mean they married them.

How come girls give you mean looks and guys smile at you?

The girls are just jealous of you and the guys probably like you.

Why are girls only mean to you?

girls are only mean to guys that say something offensive to her or a friend.

Why do guys like the mean girls?

I like (nice) girls soo not all guys do, just find the right guy

Does gay for girls mean that you like guys?

No it doesn't.

Why do girls think of nice guys as childish and mean guys as grown ups?

they don't!

Do guys like bitchy girls?

No they like hot and sweet girls They usually like sweet, kind, hot girls so if your mean I would try not to be if I were you. but I guess some guys might like mean girls. (maybe) here is a web link about what guys look for in girls: