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sex, strong guys, cute guys, and love

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Q: Why do girls not like Asian American guys?
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Why do Asian guys seem like they don't like white girls?

Asian Guys most definitely like White Girls.

Do Asian guys like mixed girls like White and Black?

Some Asian guys often will often date Caucasian or Black American girls or other races as well. It is also true that some Asian men are fascinated with blond haired girls because their race has dark haired girls.

Do European girls like Asian guys?

everyone have their own preference. so, yes there are white girls who like Asian guys and there are who don"t.

Do Asian girls like lazy guys?

Heck no.

Would some Asian girls like lazy white guys?

Yea some Asian girls will like lazy white guys it is all what clicks between the two

Do Asian guys that live in America only like Asian girls?

No, however most do prefer to date Asian girls because they are the same race. Also for guys Asian girls WILL date people other than Asians too

Why do some white guys like Asian girls?

why do girls like Asian boys? Simple , you just feel attracted to them , own personal tastes and what not

Does white girls like Asian guys?

YesyesYes. They can. Some Asian guys also are interested into Whites, Blacks, Hispanic you name it. It just happens. :)

Do Asian guys like white girls who are not blonde and not very slim?

i think -yes! I am Asian male and I like all white girl and I find very sexy as do all other Asian guys

Would Asian guys like Armenian girls?

I'm an Asian guy, and I don't see why not. Shoot for the stars!

Do Asian guys only like blonde girls?

There is no reason why Asian guys, just like any guys, wouldn't fancy girls with any kind of hair colour. If blondes were the only ones they liked then why are there so many coupled up with brunettes, etc?

What do Asian guys like?

The type of girl an Asian guy might like probably mostlydepends on her background and race.Most Asian guys prefer pretty girls with a nice personality that is fun to hang out and talk to with.Hope this helped