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Asian Guys most definitely like White Girls.

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Q: Why do Asian guys seem like they don't like white girls?
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Does White girls sleep with Asian guys?


Would some Asian girls like lazy white guys?

Yea some Asian girls will like lazy white guys it is all what clicks between the two

Do European girls like Asian guys?

everyone have their own preference. so, yes there are white girls who like Asian guys and there are who don"t.

What are the release dates for Just Because - White Guys Asian Girls 2007?

Just Because - White Guys Asian Girls 2007 was released on: USA: 21 May 2007

Are white guys really interested in Asian girls?

Only on the weekends

Why are white guys attracted to Asian girls and vice-versa?

White guys consider Asian girls to be more feminine than white girls or black girls. They are small and cute and keep their figures well. Supposedly they are subservient to the male in their culture. This is appealing to a guy in many ways. Asian girls consider white guys to be more masculine than Asian guys. They are bigger and can protect them better. They are more confident and appear to be better mates for breeding purposes. This is just basic biology and instinct.

Why do some white guys get nervous around Asian girls?

It has been proven that around 89% of guys want girls to make the first move. These white guys has probably brought up in a place with either too much Asian girls or too less Asian girls. With too less Asian girls, they may be confused on how to confront them and what they like in a guy. With too many Asian girls, the white guy may expect too much and that will also lead to confusion and nervousness.

Do Asian guys like white girls who are not blonde and not very slim?

i think -yes! I am Asian male and I like all white girl and I find very sexy as do all other Asian guys

Does white girls like Asian guys?

YesyesYes. They can. Some Asian guys also are interested into Whites, Blacks, Hispanic you name it. It just happens. :)

Do white girls go for Asian guys?

i am a white girl and i am utterly and completely IN LOVE with an Asian guy. i think that asians are sexy, funny, and intelligent! so yeah! white girls go for Asian guys, of course i mean why not!? Sure they do! they won't care if you're Asian just as long as she knows you care.

Why do some white guys like Asian girls?

why do girls like Asian boys? Simple , you just feel attracted to them , own personal tastes and what not