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I am a firm believer that girls like and have sex a lot more than guys.

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โˆ™ 2010-02-08 04:40:06
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Q: Do girls like as much sex as guy?
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What do guys like to do to girls during sex?

it depends on the guy

Do girls like sex as much as boys?

they are equal. both girls and boys like to have sex.

What is to distinguish?

who wants to have sex. ima guy too and i only like to have sex wit girls. 0 0 1

What is used to distinguish?

who wants to have sex. ima guy too and i only like to have sex wit girls. 0 0 1

Do girls like a guy who plays rugby?

yea cause they are strong nd great wth sex

Do girls like sex more than guys?

Yes, girls have more sex desires then a guy. When their menstruation starts, in every month when period finishes then their sexual parts feels excitements, and they want to hve sex.

What do guy's really like in girls what do they really want?

A nice, tight, wet vagina that they can have sex with whenever they want.

What does it mean if you are not atrackted to a guy and you are attracted to girls but you like the idea of your but being used in sex?

then tell your gf to get a strap-on

Do girls suck guy's penis?

Some girls. This is called oral sex and is generally used to stimulate a man before sex, or as a replacement for sex.

Does a girl like sex?

All girls are different. Some girls enjoy sex, while others do not like sex.

Do guys like girls who tell the guy if they like them?

Yes! It is an ego boost and knowing that there is a strong chance of sex is very encouraging indeed.

What do girls like and dislike about guys?

Girls like guys who are faithful and make them feel good. Guys are disliked for pressuring girls about sex. Of course, these are based on stereotypes and every guy and girl is different in their preferences.

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