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Ultimately, it depends on the diet. If you're overeating you won't lose weight even if you are a kid.

When we have low metabolism rate, body cannot burn more calories, high metabolism helps us to burn more calories. Children have fast metabolism rate when we compared to adults and teenagers. That is the reason children lose weight faster than adults.

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Q: Do children lose weight faster than adults?
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Do teenagers lose weight faster than adults?

Yes, because their metabolisms are much faster than adults' metabolisms. They also have more free time on their hands to exercise, whereas most adults do not due to things such as jobs and kids.

How can you lose weight but the easy way and it is for kids?

There is no magic "easy" way to lose weight, for kids or adults, but there is a simple way to do it. Losing weight for both children and adults is a simple matter of burning more calories than you consume. So by cutting back on fats, sugar, and high carb foods, and adding exercise to your daily routine, you will lose weight.

How can boxers lose weight faster?

They really don't lose weight faster it looks like it becuz of the muscels but they don't

Which fruitmakes you losr weight faster?

Apples are examples of fruits that make you lose weight faster

Do you lose more weight the faster you run?


What age group can lose weight the fastest preteens or teens or young adults or adults?


How do you make your bikes go faster?

Lose weight.

Does a vinyl suit help you lose weight?

yes it helps you because it makes you sweat faster which makes you lose weight

Can you lose weight faster if you exercise and cut out carbohydrates?

Yes, you can.

How do you make your pocket bike go faster?

Lose weight.

Why is it good to have a fast metabolic rate?

You can lose weight a lot faster and dissolve sugar faster.

How do you get a fast metabolism and not gain weight?

Exorcise and lose weight. Your metabolism will get faster as you exorcise more.