How do you get a fast metabolism and not gain weight?

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Exorcise and lose weight. Your metabolism will get faster as you exorcise more.

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You can fasten your metabolism by doing exercise, getting enough sleep(7-9), drinking water increase your metabolism after drinking it or you can take supplements to fasten your metabolism. In my bio I left a link that you can check.
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Q: How do you get a fast metabolism and not gain weight?
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How do you gain weight fast with a fast metabolism?

If you have a fast metabolism, you can gain weight by frequently working out, and combining it with protein supplements.

What is it called when you can eat a lot and not gain weight?

Fast metabolism

Why can't i gain weight?

if you have a fast metabolism maybe that's why .. i learned that today:)

How do you gain weight if you have hyperthyroidism?

With hyperthyroidism, you don't gain weight because you have a fast metabolism. so instead of gaining the weight you want, you might actually be losing it.

How do you gain weight fast being a hardgainer?

EAT! Hardgainers have fast metabolism, be sure to eat a lot of calories.

Is there such thing as high metabolism?

Yes there is. I have friends that have high metabolism and what it is is when your body burns fat very fast. People with high metabolism are very skinny and can eat as much as they want and not gain any weight. One of my friends will be eating at midnight and not gain weight.

Is metabolism the ability to gain or lose weight when on a diet?

Your metabolism isn't a ability it is a part of you that digested food fast/slow depending on how fast it is so yes it makes you lose weight... Next time learn b4 you ask

Do you put on weight if you have a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism?

You are more inclined to put on weight if you have a slow metabolism.

Why was Selena Gomez so skinny?

When she was little she didn't eat.and because her metabolism is faster and high so she could eat anything she want and not gain weight but people who have fast metabolism die fast

Why dont you gain weight you are 16 years old?

Usually because of either an active lifestyle or just a fast metabolism.

Why do i gain weight so fast?

Answeru probably gain weight fast because u have a (low) metabolism. Metabolism is the rate that ur body needs to brak down your foon. I have a high metabolism, so i burn my food faster than most ppl. Ppl who have a low metabolism don't break down their food as fast. It would be goodd 2 not eat as much, and get a lot of exercise, but talk 2 ur doc. first!

Homemade recipes on how to gain weight if you have a fast metabolism?

Hey if you need to put on weight coz you have a fast motabolism you are lucky ok. but if your like anorexic or something try lots of carbs and fatty food.

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