Is there such thing as high metabolism?

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Yes there is. I have friends that have high metabolism and what it is is when your body burns fat very fast. People with high metabolism are very skinny and can eat as much as they want and not gain any weight. One of my friends will be eating at midnight and not gain weight.

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Q: Is there such thing as high metabolism?
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What is the two kind of metabolism?

Low metabolism and high metabolism.

How can you get a low metabolism?

you cant get a low metabolism you are born with a high or low metabolism and you cant change it

If you're 12 years old 5'1 and weigh 84 lbs do you have a high metabolism?

Sweetie, you have been blessed with a high metabolism. Stand tall and be proud! Having a high metabolism is a good thing. Don't think you are underweight at all, dear, unless your doctor said so. I work with kids, and I have a friend who's 14, 5' and weighs only 88 pounds! She is certainly not underweight and she's very healthy and strong, and as I said before, blessed with a high metabolism.

Is high body metabolism good for health or not?

High metabolism means an improved rate in which your body consumes energy. This means you will run out of energy faster. While this may be a good thing if you eat a lot of food, it is less useful if you don't eat much.

Do amphibians have a high metabolism?

Amphibians will sometimes have a high metabolism but this varies based on the species. A higher metabolism requires a constant source of food which may be difficult for these creatures.

If you have a high metabolism can you drink more alcohol?

Alcohol and metabolism are unrelated. So the amount you drink has no bearing on metabolism.

How does digestive system affected from insulin?

It is affected because if you have a lot of insulin, you have a high metabolism. when you have a high metabolism, food is digested quicker

Is there any supplements that lower metabolism?

The answer is yes if you have too high of a metabolism. Iodine may help regulate metabolism, especially if the high metabolism is related to the thyroid. Oftentimes, what may appear to be high metabolism is really poor digestion, so digestive supplements like enzymes, betaine HCl, and probiotics may help. Finally, hypoglycemia, depression, and anxiety can all be related to a high metabolism, so supplements that help out those disorders can help lower the metabolism. Eating less sweets and carbs can also slow down the metabolism and level it out.

How long does it take for marijuana to get out of a persons body with a high metabolism?

It take about 26 to 30 days for it to get out a persons system even if you have high metabolism.

Is high or low metabolism good for losing fat?

High broski

Why is a virus particle not considered a living thing?

no metabolism

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