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Girls reach puberty earlier than boys at the age of 9-12 years. Boys reach puberty at the age of 12-14 years.

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Q: Do boys or girls go through puberty first?
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Why do woman get there puberty?

If boys and girls don't go through puberty there will be no babies. We would die out as a specie.

Do girls go through puberty?

yes, all girls go through puberty. most girls enter puberty around the ages of 9-13 but some girls may start earlier or later. but just because they enter puberty doesn't mean they get their period yet. usually girls get their periods 1 to 2 years after they enter puberty. but some girls are different.They go through it just as much as boys do. It just works differently for girls then boys.

What is the thing that boys and girls devlop during puberty?

Boys and girls develop a sex drive through puberty. Libido is a new compound to people of this age group. Their bodies are developing their sex organs.

How much sooner does girls Puberty begin before boys?

Puberty does not begin at the same time for everyone. Girls on average begin puberty a year before boys.

What do both boys and girs grow during puberty?

Both boys and girls grow their sex organs and hormones through puberty. There are a lot of changes that happen to boys and girls as they go through teenage years. The sex hormones are very rampant in them during this age group.

How hold do you be to go through puberty?

boys puberty is usually starting around the ages of 10-15 and girls from 8-14

When do boys start liking girls?

Girls begin to have an interest in boys when they go through puberty. It depends when they start going through puberty, some girls start as early as 8 and some as late as 15. When girls start to have stronger opinions about boys (not saying "Eww!" every time a boy picks up a frog and pets it) is when they start to get crushes and maybe even a boyfriend. Hope this helped.

What is the function of the pituary?

the pituary gland is in both boys and girls, it helps them go through puberty.

Why are girls shorter than guys?

I'm not sure what you mean by this question. Typically, girls are shorter than guys, among most primate species. Girls start puberty before boys therefore at first are taller than boys,but in the end after boys start puberty boys are generally taller.

Who starts puberty first?

Boys definitelyBecause even though they think it's harder because they don't talk about it, it is still harder for girls because we don't want to talk about it either but we are FORCED to talk about it and it is SOOOOOO gross. Also when puberty is over for boys it is ALL over and done with but even when girls' puberty is over we STILL have to get periods every month. Another thing boys only have one change, which is puberty, and when it is over it's over. On the other hand girls have two changes, puberty and menopause, and when puberty is over, as previously stated, we STILL have to get periods every month AND we don't get off the hook there because we STILL have menopause coming!!! ==True... you do get periods after, but can you imagine having to shave everytime you wake up from a nap? how much of a pain when you wake up every morning with a stiffy?Girls have to shave their legs and armpits. true, not as often but it is that + periods. Also, if you want to have a kid the normal way you have to get pregnant... guys don't. Also can you imagine how painful period cramps are?

Why boys flirt towards girls?

Hormones. Mainly testosterone. this means that the boy is probably going through puberty

Why do boys and girls experience change in their body?