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Girls reach puberty earlier than boys at the age of 9-12 years. Boys reach puberty at the age of 12-14 years.

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Q: Do boys or girls go through puberty first?
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Do boys or girls hit puberty first?


Who usually experiences puberty first boys or girls?

girls usually experience puberty first!

Who starts puberty first boys or girls?

Girls start earlier

Are there any girls that don't go through puberty?

No , all girls and boys go through puberty. Dont worry, for some, puberty starts later but it happens.

When do you go through puberty?

Girls begin puberty around 10 or 11 and boys around 12 or 13.Boys go through puberty in ages 12 or 13. While in girls, this age is 11 years.

What are common fears between boys and girls?

going through puberty

Does puberty usually begins in girls first?

Yes, puberty begins in girls first. The usual age is 11 for girls while it is 12-13 for boys.

Why do boys sound like girls?

Because boys don't go through puberty that fast

Why do woman get there puberty?

If boys and girls don't go through puberty there will be no babies. We would die out as a specie.

What makes eighth grade girls like boys?

You are going through puberty

Do girls go through puberty?

yes, all girls go through puberty. most girls enter puberty around the ages of 9-13 but some girls may start earlier or later. but just because they enter puberty doesn't mean they get their period yet. usually girls get their periods 1 to 2 years after they enter puberty. but some girls are different.They go through it just as much as boys do. It just works differently for girls then boys.

Why do you need to go through puberty?

both boys and girls need to go through puberty so that they can become adults. girls especially need to go through puberty so that one day they can have babies(reproduce)

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