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It depends on the boy. Some like larger girls, while others prefer them to be average or thin.

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Q: Do boys like girls with small butts?
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Why do gay girls like girls butts?

Because they are attracted to girls and not boys

Why do boys stare at girls butts?

becuase they are perves, and because they like you

What is the primary interest that boys have in girls?

Boys like girl's butts and their boobies. You can tell when you walk near them. They stare and stare.

Why do boys like big butte?

Butts are just one of the things boys are generally attracted to on girls, along with legs, breasts, etc.

Do 13 year old boys like big butts or small butts?

13 year old boys just seem to like bigger butts! I know what you're thinking " Yeah, sure they only think about pop tarts and video games!" Nooo they like to look at something O:

Why do guys care about how big a girls butt is?

Boys like girls big butts because they like to put there stick up the girls hole.

Why are guys attracted to big butts?

It's there nature they like big butts because they are curvey... and we girls like tall guys they like girls with big butts.. its almost the same thing hope i helped there..

Are you gay if you like other boys butts?

Only if you are sexually attracted to those butts. Otherwise, no.

Girls like guys with big butt?

Only guys like big butts and maybe butts in general.

Do boys like pancake butts?

No, but if you have one you will find a boy that will like you no matter what you or your bum looks like my dear! But no I wouldn't think boys would be staring at the girls with 'pancake' bottoms. But I bet you're beautiful with a beautiful personality anyway!

Why do short girls like tall boys?

Because small girls Like a boy thats tall and able to protect them

Why do guys like Colombian girls?

they have big butts.