Why do short girls like tall boys?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Because small girls Like a boy thats tall and able to protect them

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Q: Why do short girls like tall boys?
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Do boys like tall girls or short girls?

Hello, I'm Maddi, I'm not sure it depends on the guy, they might like tall girls or they might be a bitch and like people shorter than them like for me im only 4'11 and three quarters i know im short in in the 7th haha but it really depends on the guy:] hope that helps

Do prinstion like tall or short girls?

he likes tall girls like me

Does nick like tall or short girls?

he likes not to short not to tall girls though he likes brunets

Does MATTYB like tall girls or short girls?

MattyBRaps likes tall girls.

Do tall girls like medium sized boys?

I'm a girl and I like tall and thin boys. Since when do boys ask a girl for advice?

Does Niall Horan like tall girls or short girls?

He prefers short girls ,but he likes tall girls as well. He is just self conscious about his height. He is 5'7.

Why tall guys like short girls so much?

Short girls are like 'teddy bears' lol ur "fun sized"!

What kinda boys do girls like?

Tall and charming guys with good attributes.

Do boys like girls better if they are fit beautiful and tall?

depends on the boy

Do Princeton like tall girls girls his height?

I think he likes tall girls but it doesn't matter if you are short,cute but you must have a cute smile

Who are taller boys or girls?

Usually Men and boys, but sometimes girls have really tall in their jeans.

Why are boys more bigger than girls?

Because boys grow tall faster then girls.