Crosman 760 owners manual

Updated: 9/27/2023
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For an owners manual go to ( See the link Below )

you will find your manual on the web page.

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Q: Crosman 760 owners manual
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How do you load bbs in Crosman 760 pumpmaster?

See the link below for the owners manual.

How can you fix the air pumping of an 760 pump master model 760-D.?

Crosman has both the owners manual and parts manual online. See the link below and download your 760 parts manual. Then contact Crosman customer service and order the parts. Everything is on the opening home page for Crosman at the bottom of the page.

How do you get the bb's in the chamber of a crosman 760?

You can find the owners manual on the Crosman home page. click on "Download a manual" and locate you rifle for the instructions. See the related link.

How do you load the 760 pump master bb gun?

If you are asking about a Crosman Model 760, I suggest you go to the Crosman home page and click on "Download an Owners manual". Crosman still offers the manual on the rifle and not only will you see how to load it but you will also learn other features about the rifle.

How do you operate a crosman 760 air rifle?

There are about 6 different versions of the 760. See the link below for the 760B owners manual. They all operate about the same.

How To assemble 760 crosman?

Go to the related link ( Crosman home page) and click on "Download a Manual" at the bottom of the page. There you will find an owners manual and parts list showing all the parts.

How do you disassemble a crosman 760?

see the link below. locate your rifle and click on the file to view the parts or owners manual.

How do you put a trigger on a 760 power pump master Crosman?

Crosman has all their Air gun manuals online see the link below and find your model. The list has both the Owners Manual and Parts Manual.

How do you assembly a crosman 760 D air rifle?

The Crosman web page provides owners manuals and schematics for most all their rifles on their home page. Click on the link below and go to "Download an owners manual."

How do you repair a 1966 crosman powermaster 760?

Crosman has some parts available online. See the link below for all the Crosman rifle parts manuals and owners manuals. You can order parts from Crosman.

How do you shoot a 760 pumpmaster?

See the link below for the owners manual. Crosman has all their owners manuals online. There are four different versions of the model 760. From the link select the one you want on the left when the link opens. You will have to scroll down to find it.

How do you reassemble the 760 pumpmaster?

There are 10 variations of the model 760 but all of them are similar. Crosman has the Parts manual and Owners manuals online ( See the link below) scroll down the left side of the link when it opens and locate your model.