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Crosman has all their Air gun manuals online see the link below and find your model. The list has both the Owners Manual and Parts Manual.

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Q: How do you put a trigger on a 760 power pump master Crosman?
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Did any Crosman pump master 760 s have rifled barrells?

No they are Smoothboar.

Is a crosman 764 pump master air rifle good for hunting?

No it is designed for backyard target, small rodent control and simple shooting. It doesn't have enough power hunting

What kind of mount does a Crosman 760 pump master have?

It has an 11mm dove tail mount. Yes it is scopeable

How does crosman 760 pump work?

You have to swing the forearm to pump up an air cylinder in the rifle. Usually it take about 8 pumps. When you pull the trigger it releases the air an propels the BB or Pellet.

How do you load the 760 pump master bb gun?

If you are asking about a Crosman Model 760, I suggest you go to the Crosman home page and click on "Download an Owners manual". Crosman still offers the manual on the rifle and not only will you see how to load it but you will also learn other features about the rifle.

How can you fix the air pumping of an 760 pump master model 760-D.?

Crosman has both the owners manual and parts manual online. See the link below and download your 760 parts manual. Then contact Crosman customer service and order the parts. Everything is on the opening home page for Crosman at the bottom of the page.

Where can you get the pump rebuild kit for the Crosman 1377 air pistol?

Crosman sells parts for the 1377. contact Crosman customer service. see the link below.

How do you operate a savage pump action 22 gauge rifle?

Load, pump, pull trigger. Pump, pull trigger. Continue until all ammumition is fired. Load, pump, pull trigger, etc..

Need parts for crosman 766 air gun will not pump up?

Crosman offers a service to locate repair shops that repair older Crosman air rifles. See the link below

Do you have a picture of 1924 Crosman pellet or BB gun?

Crosman did not make BB guns until 1947, so there is no 1924 model BB pistol. Crosman did make their first BB rifle called the 1923 model. It had a plunger under the barrel to pump up the gun. Benjamin had been using this design on their pistols starting in 1935 but crosman never used it on a pistol only on the first model. Now back to the Crosman rifles, the second Crosman rifle was the 1924 model and it used a pump handle under the barrel to pump up the gun. Yes I have a photo of a Crosman 1924 model but "Answers" has no way of displaying photos, so sorry your out of luck. FYI: Crosman is spelled with one "s" not two. CROSMAN

Where can you buy or get repaired a 140-75 pump rod assembly for a crosman 1400?

Crosman offers a free service to locate shops that repair older Crosman air rifles. See the link below.

What are the pressure variations on the crosman pumpmaster 760 per pump?

I suggest you direct this question directly to Crosman Customer service. See the link below.