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Crosman sells parts for the 1377. contact Crosman customer service.

see the link below.

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Q: Where can you get the pump rebuild kit for the Crosman 1377 air pistol?
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Whats the difference between the crosman American classic pump pistol and the crosman 1377 c?

Basically the same pistol. The 1377 American Classic is rated at 560 FPS the new 1377c is rated at a little over 600 FPS. The loading chamber is slightly different the new one has a bolt action. The original 1377 you had to pull the back knob to cock the pistol, the new 1377C the bolt cocks the pistol. Both have a rifled barrel, both shoot .177 cal pellet. I own both of these pistols and find them to be fairly accurate.

How old is your vintage crosman bullseye target pistol?

The Crosman Bullseye Target model 105 is a pump pistol made between 1947-52

Do you have a picture of 1924 Crosman pellet or BB gun?

Crosman did not make BB guns until 1947, so there is no 1924 model BB pistol. Crosman did make their first BB rifle called the 1923 model. It had a plunger under the barrel to pump up the gun. Benjamin had been using this design on their pistols starting in 1935 but crosman never used it on a pistol only on the first model. Now back to the Crosman rifles, the second Crosman rifle was the 1924 model and it used a pump handle under the barrel to pump up the gun. Yes I have a photo of a Crosman 1924 model but "Answers" has no way of displaying photos, so sorry your out of luck. FYI: Crosman is spelled with one "s" not two. CROSMAN

How many pumps will crosman model pc77 take?

The Crosman Owners Manual states to NEVER pump the pistol more than 10 time and at least 2 times to fire a BB out of the barrel.

Are Benjamin pump up air pistols still made cal 22 model 132?

No. The were made from 1946 - 1985. Today Benjamin is owned by Crosman air gun co, Benjamin does make the HB22 that is a .22 cal pump-up pistol. They also have the new Gas piston "Trail NP" .22 cal pistol, it's a single pump pistol. See the link below.

Will the crosman 1377c ever lose velocity if you do proper maintnence and number of pumps?

Eventually everything wears out. But if you maintain it, it will last you for years. I own both a newer 1377c and a very old (and I do mean old) 1377. Yes I can tell the difference in how they pump, but the old 1377 (American Classic) still hits the target. If I had it rebuilt it would be like new. But why, it still performs well.

How do you rebuild fuel pump 98 stratus?

You don't rebuild it, you replace it with a new one. You have neither the skill, knowledge or parts available to rebuild an electric fuel pump.

1991 350sd how to rebuild Mercedes Benz fuel pump?

How do I rebuild a fuel pump for a 1991 350sd mercedes benz?

How do you disassemble Benjamin 3100 air rifle?

Crosman air gun Owns both Benjamin and Sheridan brand air guns and rifles. On the Crosman web page they offer owners manuals and parts manuals for MOST of their products. I searched and the 3100 is NOT listed. However I found a reference (In a Bluebook of airguns) that the Benjamin 1300 pump pistol is very similar in design. (See the link Below for the Owners and parts manual for the Benjamin 1300 pistol.) This may help you. Your other option is to go to the Crosman web page. They offer a service to locate repair shops that repair Crosman products ( See link below)

Where can I find for parts and breakdown for a Benjamin Franklin 132 pump air pistol?

Crosman airgun owns the Benjamin line of airguns. They off a locater service for shops that repair old air guns and rifles. (See the link below ) when the Crosman page opens, click on the "find a service center" link at the bottom of the page.

Need parts for crosman 766 air gun will not pump up?

Crosman offers a service to locate repair shops that repair older Crosman air rifles. See the link below

Where can you buy or get repaired a 140-75 pump rod assembly for a crosman 1400?

Crosman offers a free service to locate shops that repair older Crosman air rifles. See the link below.