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It shouldn't; if it gets that large without your stretching it, the piercing might be rejecting.

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Q: Can your nipple piercing hole get to big that the ball goes through?
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What hurts more belly button piercing or nose piercing?

The nose typically hurts more because the piercing goes through the cartilage. The belly button piercing is just through a flab of skin.

Can you wear a nipple ring if you got it pierced with a bar?

Nipple piercings are straight piercings regardless of what jewellery is in the piercing when it was first done, the barbell allows the piercing to discharge and affords room for cleaning better than a ring does. Don't let anyone tell you that if the piercing is done with a curved needle the piercing is curved, that a line of BS. Once the piercing is healed you can change over to what is called a "D" ring this ring has a straight section that goes through the piercing and is by far more comfortable than a standard ring. It has the appearance of a ring but the straight segment allows the ring to be moved without twisting a curvature in the piercing like you would with a standard ring. Ultimately for day to day wear the barbell is going to be your jewelery of choice, for comfort and discretion.

How would you know if your nipple was pierced in the wrong spot?

A properly placed nipple piercing goes halfway down the nipple. You DO NOT pierce the areola, nor do you pierce close to the tip. Of course, this rationale is for normally sized nipples, because unfortunately some piercers pierce nipples that were never meant to be pierced. Go to a professional and have them evaluate it for you.

What if you have one normal nipple and on that goes in?

this can be very normal and there is nothing to worry about, it is called an inverted nipple.

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That is called the Ghost Ball method of aiming.

Can you get your belly button pierced after a appendectomy?

You should have no problem with a belly ring. The piercing goes through the skin on your stomach, not your abdominal muscles. Your abs protect your insides, they'll be safe from your piercing.

When the ball goes through your legs in soccer is it called a nutmeg or a nuddy?


Passing out from a lip piercing?

happens cause your body goes into shock after the piercing. happened to me..

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What is the meaning of a male left nipple piercing?

Look it is simple, male nipple piercing is much more painful than female nipple piercing due to the body structure. This whole bit about right meaning something and left meaning something is just urban legend BS there is no meaning to the location or number of piercings a person has regardless of gender. Some people are left handed and some are right handed of these people most are right hand dominant. The body is protective of the left hand side of the body, which is to say the body feels more on the left hand side. Most piercers are not aware (or don't ask about right or left handed) of this side dominance when they do the piercing. Right handed males tend to get piercings on the left side so it doesn't inter fear in there day to day routine as far as discomfort goes during the healing process.

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What you call an industrial piercing that the jewelry has a fixed spike on one end goes through the first whole the second and then just doesn't have anything on the other side?

It's still an Industrial piercing they just chose to use some other jewellery rather than a barbell in the piercing.