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Look it is simple, male nipple piercing is much more painful than female nipple piercing due to the body structure. This whole bit about right meaning something and left meaning something is just urban legend BS there is no meaning to the location or number of piercings a person has regardless of gender. Some people are left handed and some are right handed of these people most are right hand dominant. The body is protective of the left hand side of the body, which is to say the body feels more on the left hand side. Most piercers are not aware (or don't ask about right or left handed) of this side dominance when they do the piercing. Right handed males tend to get piercings on the left side so it doesn't inter fear in there day to day routine as far as discomfort goes during the healing process.

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Q: What is the meaning of a male left nipple piercing?
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What clearance should there be either side of the nipple for a nipple piercing on a male if at all any my nipple is already pierced?

The jewellery needs to be 2 mm longer than the width of the piercing.

How bad does nipple piercing hurt?

Well that depends on gender, male or female. Male nipple piercing is momentarily intense due to the lack of actual tissue. Female nipple piercing is also intense but my client say that it's a diffrent type of intense (not so much pain)

Should a teenager get a nipple piercing?

Until a woman is 18, it is illegal for a shop to do a nipple piercing on her. For men it's not illegal as far as I know, but most piercing studios will not pierce someone under 16, others may refuse to do nipple piercings on a male under 18.

What is the significance of piercing the left ear for guys?

As the highly popular stereotype goes, a piercing on the right ear of a male supposedly indicates homosexuality, and a piercing on the left ear of a male supposedly indicates heterosexuality.There is no such stereotype for females.

Why would there be a burning sensation in a male's left nipple?

Mental AIDS or diarehea

How can get your nipples back to normal after you take the piercing out?

Well if it's male nipples and they have enlarged already, it's too late. Once the nipple enlarges, which it always does with male nipples, then there is nothing you can do. it's going to stay that way. It's a normal thing the body does to compensate for the jewellery in the piercing. Once the jewellery is taken out it will shrink a bit but not as it was prepiercing. Now if it's a female nipple and the piercing has enlarged the nipple it too is a done deal and will not return to the "before piercing look" once it's pierced and healed it's like that to stay. However with the jewellery removed from the piercing and left out perminently the nipple will receed a little over time (6~8 months) but it will still be noticably larger than the unpierced nipple. This is why most body piercers do not want to pierce just one nipple because people eventually want the nipples the way they were before the piercing. If both nipples are pierced and healed then when the jewellery is removed the nipples will receed a bit and at least look similar without the piercing holes being noticable. Sensitivity with the nipples will also return but only after an extended period of time, they will never be hyper sensitive like the prepiercing sensation but they will become sensitive as they are with jewellery in the piercing.

How do you measure a nipple bar?

Well a nipple barbell is measured from inside the first ball on the shaft to the other ball inside on the shaft. It's the inside measurement you need not including the thread on balls. In a nipple (male of female) the barbell should be 2~3 millimeters longer than the actual nipple is across to ensure there is room for cleaning and enhancement. The nipple will become larger in diameter as the piercing heals, this applies to both female and male nipple piercings.

When is it safe to change you nipple piercing?

You can change it as soon as it's completely healed; female 6-9 months, male 3-6 months

How old do you have to be to get your cartilaged pierced?

In Australia there are no laws preventing people under the age of 18 to get any type of piercing besides the nipple or female/male genitals. However, different piercing institutes sometimes will have age restrictions.

What is the healing time for male nipple piercing?

6~8 weeks for a light heal, no piercing is considered actually healed till it's at least a year old. But by about 6~8 is good for what we call a light heal.

What is a male piercing?

"Male piercing" normally means a piercing in a man's genitals.

Should a nipple piercing be directly in the center of the nipple or is it all right to have the piercing just below the center?

Male or Female it doesn't really matter too much. I like to stay centered as much a possible this allows the nipple to *enhance evenly without developing a droop, all nipples *enhance once they have been pierced ( * they get slightly bigger in diameter ). Some piercers think if you go just below center you can avoid damaging milk ducts in the case of female nipple piercings, this however doesn't matter, the body will clear a path for the ducts regardless of the piercing should lactation be needed.