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Yes you can. Your airtime goes along with it though.

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Q: Can you tranfer minutes from one tracfone to another tracfone?
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Can you transfer minutes from one tracfone to another tracfone?

yes you can. call tracfone.

How can one earn free tracfone minutes?

One can earn free tracfone minutes by doing tasks for tracfone. These tasks can involve completing surveys or doing research for tracfone and getting paid with tracfone minutes.

How do you transfer minutes from one tracfone to another?

Yes you can, if the phone your using to add minutes already has minutes, but yes you can.

How do I change one tracfone phone number to another tracfone?

I called tracfone At 1-800-867-7183 talked to tech service and they walked me right through it. It took about 15 minutes and even transferred my minutes to the new phone. Fast and simple.

How doe the tracfone unlimited plan works?

well tracfone is for free and you basically get 250 minutes every month for a whole year and then you get 60 minutes after one year has passed by

Does it cost to put minutes on your tracfone?

yes but one of the tracfone phones give you 60 min every month!so it depends!

What type of phone plans are available with a Motorola TracFone?

If one wishes to buy a Motorola from TracFone, the following plans are available: Double Minutes for Life (one gets double the amount of minutes added to their account on that phone) or Airtime Balance Display.

What is the transfer of thermal energy when particles of matter move from one place to another?

heat tranfer dope

Where can one find Tracfone promo codes?

Tracfone promotional codes can be found primarily at the Tracfone Promo Code webpage. Here an individual will find offers about how to earn extra, double, or triple minutes as well as a monthly rate plan.

Will a net 10 sim card work in another net 10 phone?

No, Net10 & Tracfone lock the sims & the phones, so you can't use a net10 or tracfone sim in another one of their phones.

How do you transfer a money from ATM to ATM?

You cannot money form one ATM to another ATM, you need to go to the bank to tranfer money to another account.

Tracfone Promo Codes?

Whether you are buying your first Tracfone or purchasing extra airtime, never make a Tracfone purchase unless you have a promo code. If you do, you are sure to spend too much money, and nobody likes to do that. Keep reading to learn how to locate and use Tracfone promo codes, and also, what you can expect to save using one.Where to find promo codesSometimes it is possible to find promo codes right on the Tracfone website itself. This is particularly true when you are making your initial Tracfone purchase. Once you are a Tracfone customer, Tracfone sends you snail mail and email with promo codes that you can use to save money on your next purchase. Sometimes Tracfone even calls you with promo codes, using an automated system. If you are unable to obtain a Tracfone promo code in one of the aforementioned ways, go to your favorite search engine and search for the term "tracfone promo code". This brings up a list of websites that provide Tracfone promo codes that may work.What is the value of Tracfone promo codes?Typically, Tracfone promo codes offer you a certain number of free extra minutes when you make a purchase of a minimum number of minutes. There are usually several offers of this type available at any given time. Some promo codes double the number of minutes that you purchase, and some offer extra minutes when you purchase an airtime card that is good for a certain time period, such as one year.When you make your initial Tracfone purchase, a promo code is available that allows you to receive double airtime minutes each time you purchase minutes for the life of your phone. Never purchase a phone or airtime from Tracfone unless you have a promo code. If you use a Tracfone, most likely it is because you want an economical cell phone option. Purchasing without a promo code ensures that you are spending more money than necessary, and that is counterproductive.