How can one earn free tracfone minutes?

Updated: 1/26/2023
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One can earn free tracfone minutes by doing tasks for tracfone. These tasks can involve completing surveys or doing research for tracfone and getting paid with tracfone minutes.

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Q: How can one earn free tracfone minutes?
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Can you transfer minutes from one tracfone to another tracfone?

yes you can. call tracfone.

How doe the tracfone unlimited plan works?

well tracfone is for free and you basically get 250 minutes every month for a whole year and then you get 60 minutes after one year has passed by

Where can one find Tracfone promo codes?

Tracfone promotional codes can be found primarily at the Tracfone Promo Code webpage. Here an individual will find offers about how to earn extra, double, or triple minutes as well as a monthly rate plan.

Can you tranfer minutes from one tracfone to another tracfone?

Yes you can. Your airtime goes along with it though.

How do you transfer minutes from one tracfone to another?

Yes you can, if the phone your using to add minutes already has minutes, but yes you can.

Does it cost to put minutes on your tracfone?

yes but one of the tracfone phones give you 60 min every month!so it depends!

Where can one find free Tracfone ringtones?

There are several online websites that provide free Tracfone ringtones. Tracfone itself has a website that one can use for ringtones and more. Some sites may take a little bit of time however it is worth it.

How do I change one tracfone phone number to another tracfone?

I called tracfone At 1-800-867-7183 talked to tech service and they walked me right through it. It took about 15 minutes and even transferred my minutes to the new phone. Fast and simple.

Where can one find cell phone rental services?

Finding a cell phone rental service using tracfone cell its cheap to buy and you get 60 minutes card free and when you need more minutes you can purchase more.

What type of phone plans are available with a Motorola TracFone?

If one wishes to buy a Motorola from TracFone, the following plans are available: Double Minutes for Life (one gets double the amount of minutes added to their account on that phone) or Airtime Balance Display.

What number can you type in to give you free TracFone minutes?

well that's kinda cheating its like stealing $30.00 from somebody to buy 120 minutes . if you didn't get your minutes for the month type in 5555 or 555 one of the two it wont work if you already got your minutes that month.

Is it possible to get free cell phones without having to sign a multi-year contract with a phone service provider?

You can get a pay as you go cellphone like a tracfone which doesn't require a contract. If you do look for a double minute tracfone. I got one for my nephew on Amazon for 20$. It doubles the minutes you add to it. If you're on Social Security you might qualify for a free phone with a couple hundred minutes per month.