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yes but one of the tracfone phones give you 60 min every month!so it depends!

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Q: Does it cost to put minutes on your tracfone?
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Does playing games on a tracfone cost?

It does not cost to play games on your Tracfone. But it does cost minutes to buy games on a Tracfone.

How much does 60 minutes on a tracfone cost?

You get 60 minutes, and 3 months of service for $20.

Do games on tracfone cost minutes?

no but if you dont have any and you have the internet on your phone to download them of the internet cost

Do minutes use when receiving a call on tracfone?

Yes, with a tracfone, the system automatically deducts minutes when you receive or make a call, it also deducts minutes when you text message

Why didn't they put credit on my tracfone they took my money?

Usually retail stores will issue you receipt with a PIN number to use when adding minutes to your tracfone acount. You can add your minutes directly through your tracfone using the PIN number as proof of purchase, or you can go to the tracfone website and do it through there. In either case, you will need the PIN number from the receipt.

Does it cost minutes on a tracfone smart phone to be on social accounts or other apps that require an Internet connection?


Can you reactivate a tracfone?

You sure can. If it is out of minutes or its service date has passed, just put in a new pre-paid card code into the phone to redeem minutes and service days. You can also re-activate a phone online via tracfone account. Basically, you can reactivate the phone if you buy more service days/minutes.

How can one earn free tracfone minutes?

who ever has a tracfone, give me your numbers

Your tracfone now has 357 minutes will you loose those minutes when you buy another tracfone?

No only if you enter another card number. =)

How much do TracFone's cost at the retail store?

Yes, Walmart carries many of the TracFone wireless prepaid plans ranging from 60 minutes for $19.98, 120 minutes for $29.88, 200 minutes for $39.88, 450 minutes for $79.88, to a year's service and 400 minutes for $99.88, and a year's service, plus 800 minutes, plus double any other minutes added for $124.88.

If your get double minutes for a TracFone and then get double minutes again is that quadruple minutes?

sadly no

Can any Motorola cell use tracfone min?

No, only Motorola phones you buy from Tracfone can use their minutes.