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It is infact a (HOMICIDE) lawfully and yes at this stage I would wait and give the child up for adoption but at the same note you could have been scared and confused but next time ladies you will know to react right away it is the best and most honest way for you to but come on 7months that's a baby a premature one but indeed a baby im sorry and hope fully this has been a helpful answer to your question sencerly,raymesha

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Q: Can you terminate a pregnancy at seven months?
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Can you terminate a pregnancy at 3 months?

your sister your sister

Is there a pill that stops pregnancy before 3 months?

No, The only way to terminate a pregnancy during the first three months is an abortion with a doctor.

Can flagystatin terminate pregnancy?

No, antibiotics can not terminate a pregnancy.

How many fizinorm tablets have to use in oreder to aboid the 2 months pregnancy?

Fizinorm can only be used to prevent pregnancy, not to terminate it.

Can you terminate your seven month pregnancy?

No at 7 months it's not a fetus anymore, it's a baby and can live outside your body. Talk to your doctor what options you have if you don't want to keep the baby.

In Alabama how far along can you be to terminate a pregnancy?

It depends what position you were using when having sex. Doggie style = termination completely illegal. Missionary = 8 months into the pregnancy. Reverse cowgirl = 5 months into the pregnancy.

Can you terminate a pregnancy through meditation?

No, you cannot terminate a pregnancy through meditation.

How many months does women can still terminate pregnancy?

Legally speaking, it depends entirely on where you live, which you haven't specified.

Can stametaa terminate pregnancy?


Can drinkink lime juice terminate 6 weeks pregnancy?

No, vitamin C can not terminate a pregnancy. You need to see a doctor for a abortion.

Can Depo-Provera terminate pregnancy?

No, but it shouldn't be used during pregnancy....

How many months have to pass by until the doctor tells you your pregnant?

After 8 to 10 days of your missed period. You have enough time to decide about to terminate or continue the pregnancy. It does not take months after missed period.