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No, when pregnant they say Tylenol if you absolutely need anything but you should always check with your doctor first.

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Q: Can you take panadol in the early stages of pregnancy?
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What pill for headache can you take while early pregnancy?


Is it safe to eat lunchmeat during early stages of pregnancy?

It probably won't hurt you if you have already done it but if you want to take extra safety precautions, it is advised not to eat lunchmeat and hotdogs (amongst many other foods) during pregnancy.

Can you take levaquin for an infected tooth?

take panadol

If its early in your pregnancy will a test be false?

Yes, if it's too early you can get a false negative (ie. there isn't enough HcG in your urine yet for the test to detect). It can tell you you're not pregnant when you actually are in the very early stages. If you miss your period, take another test.

Is nipple tenderness a sign of your period or early pregnancy?

Nipple tenderness can be a sign of your period or early pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if you think you're pregnant.

Is it to early to take a pregnancy test?

the foot book

Should you take panadol on a empty stomach?

People do say that taking panadol on an empty stomach is usually not very good so maybe eat some thing small like water crackers and then take a panadol.

Can you have period pains and a period in early stages of pregnancy?

If you know you are pregnant, then "period pains" and "a period" are actually pregnancy related pains and spotting/bleeding that needs to be evaluated by a doctor asap! If you just suspect you are pregnant then, yes, those symptoms can be experienced in early pregnancy and everything could be just fine. You need to take a pregnancy test as soon as you calculate that is has been long enough for accurate results. Good Luck!!!

How long does it take for a panadol to dissolve in water?

Panadol (or paracetamol) wont dissolve in cold water.

Is it possible to be too early to take a pregnancy test?


Are the chills a sign of early pregnancy?

They could be - take a test

Can you take panadol and ibroprphen with temazepam?

yes ofcourse