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No.. It would REALLY hurt. And if I even bump mine, it bleeds.. :/

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Q: Can you sleep on you stomach after getting your belly button pierced?
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What is the legal age for getting your belly button pierced in Queensland Australia?

you have to be 18

Why they cannot pierce your belly button?

Well if you are over weight or you have an "outy" belly button then getting it pierced would be a waste of time and money.

Does getting your belly button pierced affect your umbilical cord when you are pregnant?

no you dont have a umbilical cord you have a belly button your baby dose not have a belly button yet the umbilical cord attaches to the baby at its belly after its born the umbilical cord is cut giving the baby its belly button. However don't have your belly button pierced while you are pregnant as you will have to take the bar (or whatever) out towards the end.

Does your belly button stay swollen for a month after getting it pierced?

Swelling might be a sign of infection

Can you get your belly button pierced if you have a rash?


Can you dance with your belly button pierced?


Is getting a belly button pierced pain?

yes depends on how and that kind of pain don't bring pleas-er

Is it sore getting your belly button pierced?

It depends on the individual and the skill of the piercer. There is likely to be some minor discomfort.

Does Miley Cyrus have stomach pierced?

Yes Miley Cyrus does have her belly button pierced. If you dont believe me go to this site.

When you get your belly button pierced do they do it with a needle or barbell?

A Needle.

Does dani harmer have her belly button pierced?

yeh she does

Does Jodie Connor have her belly button pierced?