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No time. Getting your belly button peirced is very dangerous. You can get all kinds of infections.

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Q: When is the best time to get your belly button pierced?
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Why they cannot pierce your belly button?

Well if you are over weight or you have an "outy" belly button then getting it pierced would be a waste of time and money.

Can you get a hernia from a belly button ring?

No. I've had my belly button pierced for eight years and never had a hernia. So I have a hard time believing that a belly button ring could cause a hernia. It can cause an infection but it can't cause a hernia.

What is the legal age to have your belly button pierced in the Miami?

Most of the time if your parents are with you & the sign they don't care how old you are.

Can you swim IN RIVER if you have belly botton pierced?

Yes, you can swim in a river if you have your belly button pierced. However, if it is a new piercing, the general advice is to wait at least a month before swimming as the wound needs time to heal.

If you have had your belly button pierced for 6 weeks will it be OK to leave it out for a day?

i recommend not taking it out longer then three hours at a time.

Is it okay to get your belly button pierced the second time?

Sure just make sure you don't do what ever you did last time that caused you grief.

Does a belly button piercing hurt more than the tattoo?

hi i have a lower back tattoo and i have had my belly button pierced. and the tattoo hurts loads more than the piercing. the piercing is over within minutes, by the time you feel it its done. hope this helps, Lisa

Can I do cheer with a belly button piercing?

You might want to check with your coach or cheer captain first to be sure you won't be breaking any rules by getting it pierced. If it's okay for you to do, it would be best to wait to get a belly button piercing until the off-season so that it has plenty of time to heal before attempting any cheer stunts, base or not.

Does having your belly button pierced the second time hurt more?

Piercing through scar tissue hurts more for some people but doesnt for others. It all depends.

I am are 14 years old I'm just about to have my belly button pierced and i am are going to a theme park a couple of days after having it done will i be all right?

The main thing you have to care about is not getting any tension on the part where the belly button is positioned. Make sure the skin isn't tensioned to much all the time. Good luck!

Does your belly piercing hurt worse the second time being pierced?

Piercings always hurt worse the second time because you are being pierced through scar tissue.

Is your bellybutton ticklish?

If you are ticklish yes. It really depends on the person.